JTL started the way most things with farmers do around the kitchen table during meals or a coffee. Back in 2008 Lester Thiessen wanted to get some bins for his 1500 head bison operation and was surprised at how much the prices and wait times had gone up. Lester had more than 20 years of experience in steel manufacturing and saw an opportunity. In typical farmer fashion he decided he could build something that would save him money, be available faster and still be better than anything else that was currently on the market. This idea has continued to evolve over time into a company that is now bringing some of the most ground breaking ideas and revolutionary products into the Ag and Energy industries.

Unique concepts started on the Ag side with a completely enclosed hopper bottom which means no more spilled grain around the bin with the Legacy line of bins. Another addressed the problem of old bins on the farm that we knew were causing grief across the prairies. Many had the same issues rotting floors, small troublesome doors and inadequate capacity. JTL came up with a steel floor with a 6 foot sidewall. It can add up to 1500 bushels of capacity to old bins and comes with JTL's patented user friendly door system. Now the Force Air line where a state of the art aeration system has been built right into the skid and frame. No more additional parts clogging the flow of grain or collapsing. The air is also forced down the hopper face instead of just the top of the cone providing more even air distribution throughout the entire bin which results in more even air flow and ultimately a better final product when you are ready to sell it. Our most recent innovation with the help of our engineering group is removing the radial bars from under the hopper so now you can access the chute from virtually any angle completely free of obstructions.

On the Energy side JTL can produce conventional tanks up to 5000 barrels but is poised to completely revolutionize the energy sector with their “Viro” tanks. These horizontally built tanks come with a steel containment already attached; a completely revolutionary burner system where the burner tubes are contained in thermal fluid. So even if the fluid level in the tank was drawn below the burner it never comes into contact with the air, it’s not only safer but cuts down on scaling, making clean out and mobility a snap which saves our customers time and money. Now moving a production tank is as easy as moving a rig tank. No more having to arrange crews, pickers, lay out a liner, haul in gravel, get the base prepared and put down timbers. You can drop the tank off and it’s ready to go to work in one simple self-contained unit. The way it should be.

At the end of the day our commitment to our customers is to be transparent in our dealings and proactive in our ongoing pursuit of excellence. The positive feedback we get from our customers all ties back to understanding what works and what doesn’t. We manufacture products that you will want to use because they do what they are supposed to do better than anything else available on the market today. We will continue to innovate moving forward, always leading, never following.

We have a better, easier solution for you, and we would like to show you our fine products and invite you to be a part of the JTL family. Please give us a call, and let us know how we can help you.