"The door on the steel floors are simple to use and reliable and the added capacity is priced right compared to other options when making use of existing storage. The skid and air system on our 1625 Force bins are fantastic. Fan mounting is at ground level so no heavy lifting. Site prep is quick and cost effective."

Mark Astner
Manna Farms Ltd.
Ferintosh, Ab.

We put up two 21-07 hopper bins in 2015 and are very impressed with the quality and design of the bins and hoppers. Very clean look and nice to find during harvest and for unloading. The crew that built the bins were great as well. Starting at 8:00AM they had both bins finished by 3:00pm. We have two more of the same bins coming this year and hopefully more in the future!

Craig Carlson
Meeting Creek, Ab.

I purchased an 800 tonne liquid fertilizer tank from JTL a few years ago. The workmanship was excellent. Richard in sales was excellent to deal with and had all the arrangements looked after to deliver including the 3 cranes on site to unload and place the tank in my yard. Since the tank project worked out so well, we decided to try 4x 21-07 9,200 bushel bins on their hoppers. I was very impressed with the design of the skid system with the aeration in the skid and legs which are so simple and effective. We were so impressed we ended up adding 8x 24-07’s 12,000 bushel bins to the row in the summer of 2016 and followed that up with another 2x 1825’s 6300 bushel bins in the fall of 2016.

Glen Miller
Rockhaven, Sk.

I have 4 JTL 4900 bushel Legacy Bins.  One thing I really like is the minimal ground work that needs to be done and it’s ready to use.  There are no aeration tubes in the bin to obstruct the grain flow.  The bins are also very easy to clean up and very well priced for fully loaded bin.   I will definitely be adding more to my yard.

Kim Mohr
Fort Saskatchewan, Ab.

In 2013 we did a 10 bin makeover, replacing wooden floors with JTL flat steel floors with 6ft side walls. The reason I chose the JTL product was because of the door. The huge swing away door allows for easy entrance to the bin even with the auger in. The floors were delivered ahead of schedule which gave us plenty of time to get them fitted to the bins. The bolt holes fit perfect to match the old bins, which made the change over easy. The JTL floors have added many more years of use to an older bin.

Pat Volk
Denzil Sk.

Calidon has been partners with JTL Industries since its inception in 2009 and we wish to express our appreciation of the strong relationship we’ve built with both JTL and their clients. Calidon and JTL Industries have both based our continued growth going forward on building solid relationships with great customers.  Partnering with a manufacturer who is continually striving for innovation and offering solutions to clients that exceed their expectations aligns perfectly with our ideals. In addition while both business are growing, we both recognize the importance of holding onto all the best things about being small, like answering our phones in person and treating our customers like we would want to be treated. Our relationships with our clients are very important to us and in keeping with that we make a choice to align and partner with businesses such as JTL that reflect those same ideals

Monty Bergquist, President
Ryan Bergquist, Vice-President and Sales 
Calidon Leasing
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Toll-free: 1-877-956-0082
Facsimile: 1-877-956-0083
Email: info@calidon.ca
Website: http://www.calidon.ca/


We bought six 4900 bushel JTL hopper bins and a fertilizer bin this year and are extremely happy with how they are working out for us. We are planning to add another four or five of the 6100 bushel JTL hopper bins to our line for next year.  You can tell these bins were designed by farmers for farmers as they just work! The aeration system provides a movement of air through the bin like nothing I have ever seen. Site preparation is very simple and inexpensive. These bins look great and we are very proud to have them sitting in our yard. I would recommend that if you are buying bins that you take a look at what these boys have to offer!

Tom Mennear
Rabbit Lake, Sk.

This past November we bought three 4900 bushel JTL aeration bins and have been very pleased with them.  The innovative and stable design of these bins made the site preparation very easy. Having an internal hopper with aeration panels built in totally eliminates the need for duct work inside. The construction design and quality workmanship makes this a very functional and user friendly grain storage unit.

Robert and Larry Briggs
Unity, Sk.

I purchased two 4900 bushel grain bins w/air. The air system is very effective, I put a 3 hp fan on each one and it works great. Lots of air moving through the bin! Most air systems would require a 5 hp fan or larger for this size of bin. The door system works very nicely too with a great clean out tray in the bottom.

Garth Bennefeld
Strasbourg, Sk.

I purchased twelve 7100 Bushel JTL flat bottom bin’s for use the fall. The quality of the paint and workmanship on the JTL bins are as good as or better than anyone in the industry. The bins are equipped with a nice sized lid and have a great lid opener. I cleaned several of the bins out through the large door which also gives amazing access for auger’s, grain vacs and me.

I was concerned at first putting warm Canola and Durum in such a large bin but I have had zero problems. In addition my OPI cables showed the JTL bins cooled much faster than other smaller bins. The staff at JTL was excellent to work with, very knowledgeable and accommodating. I found the bin’s to be a great value compared to the competition. I have since added JTL’s 12,000 bushel bins and am taking delivery of 2x 1825 Fertilizer bins this fall.

Alan Witt,
Kerrobert, Sk.

I purchased five JTL 5500 Bushel flat bottom bin’s mainly to store Canola. In the past I very seldom had neighbours drop by my farm; however, as soon as my JTL’s arrived I became very popular. A lot of my neighbours came by and saw the quality of the bins and excellent door feature; they were so impressed that they purchased the same bins. The results I have so far have been very impressive and allow me to spend more time on the golf course instead of babysitting Canola. I would highly recommend anyone looking for bins to check out JTL Industries products.

James Zimmer
Major, Sk.

Having a tank that can be off loaded from a flatbed makes it very maneuverable in any lease condition. The well was hooked up in a couple hours after unloading and we started the well up. As we produced into the first tank of the Viro, we could start heating and treating before it crossed over to the second tank. The actual savings vary, but knowing that I don’t have any time wasted on a non productive well and most importantly, no clean up of containment, is priceless.

 Calvin Richelhoff,
Richelhoff Resources Inc.

Since it's inception the Viro tank has evolved into one of the most functional, adaptive and efficient storage tanks available in the market. It can be utilized in both heavy and light oil production. It can be used as a production tank, free water knockout or a test facility. It is totally self contained and is ready for service faster and more economically than a conventional tank. With this being said the Viro tank has enabled Viro Rentals Inc. to establish itself as a viable option for producers in Western Canada when they are looking for a simple storage solutions. The adaptivity of the Viro has made it possible for us to better serve our customer base. Producers are able to prove that the Viro tank is suitable for their specific needs and rent or purchase the unit as needed. Viro Rentals Inc. is proud to be associated with Lester and JTL Industries and hope our relationship continues to grow as we find more uses for this incredible storage tank. 

Lee Noble
Viro Rentals Inc.
Lloydminster Ab.