Agricultural Product Warranty

  • 10 year warranty against structural defects on all our products

  • 5 year limited warranty against factory defects in exterior finish

  • 1 year warranty against factory defects in both interior and exterior finishes on fertilizer bins

    Warranty will be void if site is not prepared to required standards as indicated below:

  • Gravel bases must be prepared level to within 1/2 inch across surface area, compacted and support 55 psi in all weather conditions without settling including adequate drainage to ensure a stable base.

  • When placed on a concrete pad, steel shims are required where concrete/leg gap is 1/8” or greater. Steel shims must be 2” or greater than the size of  leg and placed to span the entirety of the leg or greater.

  • Damage caused by a failure of the foundation under our bins, bases, and floors will not be covered by JTL Warranties

  • All bins with 30' sidewall must be on a concrete base.


    It is recommended that gravel bases should only be used as a temporary base. It is highly recommended that a good concrete pad be used as a permanent base.